Use of domains

These terms define the terms of registration of domain names and other related services offered by SaytService ( Domain name registration terms come into force immediately after a new domain name registration request is submitted to SaytService and the service is implemented by SaytService. When registering a new domain, you agree to the specified terms.

1. The essence of the service
SaytService offers all Internet users registration of domain names (eg., as well as transfer from other domain registrars to SaytService and other related services. Domain registration is carried out on a commercial basis and the relevant prices are communicated to the customer before registration. Currently, SaytService .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc. registers type domain names. To make it easier to register a domain name, SaytService also offers a special program (whois) to determine the status of the domain name (free or acquired).
The registration period for domain names is at least 1 year according to the terms established by global registrars. During this period, the SaytService may provide other services related to the domain.
2. Service fee
Registration of domain names is a paid service, and depending on the amount of registration, as well as the registration period, the amount must be paid to SaytService. Once the service fee has been paid and the completion of domain registration has been confirmed by SaytService, the amount paid for registration cannot be refunded, regardless of whether the customer has used his domain name during the contract period or not. Depending on the term of the agreement, the new domain name is at the disposal of the domain owner during that period.
Payment of the service fee, as well as all other necessary documentation operations are carried out by other legal entities cooperating with SaytService at the relevant payment points. Settlements with the customer can be made in various forms (cash, transfer, plastic card, etc.).
3. Client responsibilities
After registering the desired domain name in the domain name registration form of SaytService, the information you enter is accepted by the Site Service and verified. The registration of a new domain name comes into force only after you provide the necessary information for registration, as well as the service fee to the SaytService. The user is then notified by email, telephone or fax of the status of the registration phase and the information necessary to complete the registration. Within 1 month after this notification, you must sign a contract with the Site Service by paying the amount provided for domain registration at the appropriate payment points. If you do not apply for registration within this period, you must apply for re-registration for those domains.
4. Tasks of SaytService
SaytService can start the registration procedure only after the customer has provided complete and error-free information required for domain name registration. At the same time, SaytService fully guarantees that this information belonging to you will not be used for other purposes.
SaytService is not responsible for any errors in the information provided by you and required for domain registration. The Site Service may, in exceptional cases, reject a domain registration request sent by any user.
5. Other terms
These terms are based on optimal terms in the interests of the Site Service and the domain registrar. However, the Site Service reserves the right to change the specified domain registration terms in any form at any time, and current customers will be notified accordingly.