Free terms of service

These terms determine the terms of registration of free web pages offered by SaytService and use of other related services. The terms for using free websites come into force immediately after a request for registration for a free website is submitted to the SaytService center and the service is implemented by SaytService. When registering a new site, you agree to the terms and conditions.

1. The essence of the service
SaytService offers users a virtual space on its server for the placement of electronic information on the global Internet and the implementation of other related services. A number of additional services (eg statistics, meters, etc.) may be offered now and in the future to better ensure the site's performance. Registration and management of free Internet pages is open to everyone at any time and is not subject to the control of the server administration. Information about the new website is sent to the user's email address after filling out the appropriate registration form of SaytService, and the terms of use of the new site are communicated to the site owner.
2. User responsibilities
The creation and management of free web pages is at the discretion of each user. The user is obliged to indicate his email address correctly when registering to open the page, because all the necessary information will be sent to this address. To manage the site, login information (username and password) to the control panel must be kept confidential.
There may be some restrictions on the information you want to post on the site, so read the next section carefully.
3. Prohibitions
Although the registration and use of free Internet sites is not controlled or managed by SaytService, SaytService may impose certain restrictions on the placement of any type of information on its server. Prohibitions in the virtual field provided to the user in order to create a site:
- post any kind of pornographic information;
- sending unsolicited e-mail ("spam") or attracting users to the site through "spam";
- resale or provide any service provided by SaytService without the relevant agreement;
- to store and disseminate copyrighted information ("piracy") without proper consent;
- to use his field as an archive;
- engage in activities or disseminate information in violation of relevant state laws;

When information falling into these categories is found in a user-owned virtual area, those pages will be blocked without notifying the site owner.
4. Tasks of SaytService
SaytService provides every user who wants to open a website with a virtual space on its server with a total capacity of 500 MB. At the same time, a number of additional services may be offered to ensure the normal operation of the site. In order to ensure the normal operation of the site, SaytService monitors all sites on a 24-hour, 7-week basis, and any problems must be reported to SaytService.
SaytService warns the user not to use the personal information entered by the user during registration for any other purpose. You are solely responsible for the information placed in the virtual space provided to you. It is inappropriate to contact the SaytService with the appropriate warning. If the terms are not followed, the administrator may suspend the service provided to you.
This service provided by SaytService has the right to stop for any user at any time.
5. Other terms
SaytService reserves the right to permanently or immediately suspend websites that are inactive by users, used as archives, or misused.
SaytService reserves the right to place advertising materials on websites within the free hosting services it offers.
These terms are based on optimal terms in the interests of SaytService and the free website registrar. However, SaytService reserves the right to change the registration terms in any form at any time, and current users will be notified accordingly.